I have been a Host of Wwoof for the last 5 1/2 years, and have found that it has been most beneficial for everyone to enjoy a minimum stay of 3 weeks. Longer is always better. It takes about 2 weeks to get familiar and comfortable. The time afterwards is when you are able to learn, share, make decisions and enjoy some part of living a local life.
The chores here are varied. I need help with:
Feeding, and maintenance of the Sheep and their pens.
The garden consists of raised garden boxes, cold frames and some ground beds. Weeding, watering, harvesting and improving the garden is one of the summer chores.I only have a few Horses, that require some attention. Feeding and maintaining their pastures.
The small chicken house requires daily cleaning, feeding and collecting of eggs.
When the hay is ready for harvesting, there are a few longs days of collecting and stacking the bales. It is always a race with the weather, to get the bales into the barn before we get hit with a thunderstorm or rain shower.
Experience with a chainsaw is helpful.
Landscaping experience is also very welcome.
Fixing and improving fences, and corrals is an on going project.
Cleaning & cooking is something we all share, depending on who is busy doing what, and who is better at what.
The maximum total guests I can have, is 3, and that is when there are projects that require more help. The usual is 1-2 helpers.
When ever possible, I try to mix people from different countries, because I know everyone that is travelling is looking to improve their English.
I prefer to accept visitors that are willing to eat everything. It keeps things simple in the kitchen, and the compatibility in food seems to also go into the work. We eat well here, as I like good food and enjoy cooking. I enjoy eating other peoples food too. The majority of the meat eaten here is moose, elk and lamb.
I am always looking for self motivated, conscientious, happy, open minded people, that are willing to help and maintain a clean environment.